The Nino Díaz Foundation is a non-profit organization endowed with its own initial patrimony granted by its founder. The foundation pursues the aims that are contemplated in its social purpose.


Promote activities, studies and initiatives that deal with the relations between music, culture and contemporary thinking.

Develop activities that favor the cultural and educational enrichment of society.

Promote intellectual, creative and contemporary thinking.

Preserve, study and spread widely Nino Díaz’s work and legacy.


President:Mr. Benigno Agustín Díaz Rodrí
Secretary:Mrs. María Gloria Álvarez García
Vocals:Mrs. Judit Díaz Álvarez
Mrs. Laura Díaz Álvarez


Musicologist/Kratz director:Mrs. Marina Hervás Muñ
Cultural manager:Mr. Tomás Pérez Herná

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