Friends of the Nino Díaz Foundation

The program  Friends of the Foundation is an individual support formula directed at individuals who, with their contribution, help to execute the objectives of the Nino Díaz Foundation. Your support and commitment, establishing a link with the institution and generating a future relationship, is a fundamental part of transforming our society. This support formula will allow you to connect with the Nino Díaz Foundation in a closer way.

The Nino Díaz Foundation enjoys the special tax regime established under Law 49/2002, of December 23, on “Tax regime for non-profit entities and tax incentives for patronage”.

Likewise, in accordance with the Additional Forty-Eighth Provision of Law 48/2015, of October 29, of Spain General State Budgets for 2016, there will be a 5% increase in the percentages and limits of the deduction in article 19 of Law 49/2002 and applicable to Income Tax of Individuals.

 Become a Friend of the Foundation for €50 a year

In addition, you will benefit from a 10% discount on all our products and services (publications, CDs, tickets…)

Íñigo Alonso Viribay
Gloria Álvarez García
Antonio Becerra Rodriguez
Francisco Betancort de León
Luis Miguel Cabrera Morales (Ye Cabrera)
Francisco Corujo Perdomo (Pancho Corujo)
Juan Cruz Sepúlveda
Marcos De León Díaz
Felipe Neri Gil Marrero
Jenny Guerra Méndez
Tilman Kuttenkeuler
Alberto E. Martínez Ramos
Manuel Reyes Arrocha (Mel Reyes)
Cristina Sobrino Ducay
Sergio Yanez Quintana