Radiophonic Work (ebook)


Winning work of the 15th CONCURSO DE CREACIÓN RADIOFÓNICA organised by RNE and the CNDM.


I am like a wall. Each one of us is like a wall, a grey, empty wall, situated in a universal space. But not a wall of separation, a wall to mark boundaries…, but quite the opposite. It is a wall where various brushstrokes of our life are engraved, some happy, some sad… Memory rescues these brushstrokes from time to time, and we enjoy or suffer them anew…

With this idea a project was born which, over time, has ended up forming this particular wall of sound: a wall where those who walked by its side were offered the freedom to express, in a totally free and playful way, a cry, a smile, a denunciation, a dream, a poem, a memory, a game… Everyone is an accomplice, even without noticing it, and each and every one of them has been shaping this heterogeneous and colourful canvas, until our grey wall has ended up showing off a splendid and suggestive sound graffiti.

Some contributions are totally timeless, others quite the opposite; but all of them, together, make up the unique voice of diversity: different sexes, different ages, different races, different cultures, different social levels…

The “street” where this wall is located is myself, because what they all had in common is that they “walked” through me and my life in one way or another: friends, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances… Some passed through this street at full speed, and I only vaguely remember them. Others left their mark forever, probably, unless time eventually wears away the tiles of my memory.

EL MURO Radiophonic Work (ebook)

AuthorNino Díaz
CoverSee cover
PublisherBucio 13629
File formatMP3


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